Terms & Conditon

Alertizen disclosures to all citizens electing to participate in the Active Watch program.

A. Safety. Alertizen was designed to keep you informed of police-related events in your neighborhood. Please keep in mind your safety and the safety of others, including the officers responding to a 911 call. Do not place yourself or others in a dangerous situation or attempt to interfere in police related business based on the information that you receive from the Alertizen Program. If you have information relating to a text message, or you witnessed an event for which you received a text message, please contact the Police Department.

B. Data. The data you received from Alertizen is the initial information provided from a caller to 911. This information may change or be updated as a situation progresses. Please also be aware that the information provided to 911 as you see it in the text message may not be accurate. For example, the address provided to 911 may not be the actual, verifiable address of the property in question. The data you receive through Alertizen is for informational purposes only.

C.Service Charge. Please understand your cell phone service plan before signing up for Alertizen. Your service provider may charge for incoming date services such as text messaging. This cost is not associated with Alertizen and is not from the City/County and neither the City/County nor Alertizen is responsible for any charges you may receive. Please contact your mobile phone service provider for more information.

D. Delay of Information. Alertizen is not providing 'real time' information. Under the current system operated by 911, information provided to Alertizen may be on delay of up to 15 minutes or longer.

E. Call Status. The call status you receive is the initial status of that 911 call and will change as the call is closed out or further police involvement becomes necessary.

F. Sponsor Text. The Active Watch program is free of cost to our community and is funded through the generosity of our great sponsors. By registering, you agree to receive a single daily special offer from one selected sponsor (maximum of one offer per day) by push notification, or text and/or email if you also requested 911 Alerts to be sent there. Please support our sponsors that are helping to provide this free service to our community.

This application is provided as a service to the citizens. Alertizen makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the quality, content, accuracy, completeness, currency, freedom from computer virus, or non-infringement of proprietary rights, of any of the design, information, text, graphics, images, pages, interfaces, links, software, or other materials and items contained in or displayed on this site. All such items and materials are provided on an "as is" basis and you are fully and solely responsible for your use of them and for any results or consequences of your use.